Saturday, September 23, 2006

Big Project Status

In progress: HMC Costumes

The team has made, I think, 20 costumes so far. I have one costume cut for a student, and the two sets of Heavenly Robes needed for the program. I did the red and purple shoulder drapes for the Heavenly Robes yesterday; Miss A has volunteered to take one set of the HR to do this week, so that will only leave me with three robes left to do before I'm caught up. I'm *tentatively* planning the last, final, if you snooze you looze cutting day on Thursday of this week; but the guys from Iceland still have not, to my knowlege, purchased fabric yet. I *know* they've been busy...they worked at the Women's conference two weeks ago, then they went to Atlanta, then this week is our annual multi-stage music festival, Big Spring Jam. Our church and First Baptist are co-sponsoring the contemporary Christian stage, but there is a lot of volunteer work to do and HMC is heavily involved (DH and I have volunteer spots, too). Anyway, they have barely had time to buy groceries and do laundry since the program started fabric. Hopefully they can grab it next week; we really need to get 'em done.

On Deck: The Gospel According to Scrooge 2006
I have a request for a meeting in with the directors of Scrooge; auditions are tomorrow and Tuesday and I expect the cast list to be up by two weeks from tomorrow and we can start costuming. Actually, I've been working amongst the costumes just a wee bit, trying to get them organized somewhat. Our storage is almost...but not quite...gridlocked, so it's slow going but I am making a little progress. Once the HMC costumes are done I expect to spend two or three days in the attic, sorting and labeling and such. Once I find out who has what parts, and what our costuming priorities are for this year, I can make a plan of sorts. It may be curtailed by our current lack of workspace...we'll just have to see.

Off to the Jam!

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