Saturday, September 09, 2006

Big Project Status

Bible Costumes for Huntsville Master's Commission:

I have nearly all the costumes that we cut out finished; I only have one robe and one vest for specific students, and the four 'mourning' robes that will belong to the program. Two days' worth of work, if I focus, although Miss M said she would take a couple of the black robes to work on after the conference is over.

All the ordered fabric has's all great. So we will have another cutting day...likely Thursday. If everyone who has asked for help will bring me their fabric, we'll be cutting about 14 robes; it'll be a busy day. If we don't get done Thursday, I may go back Friday to finish up.

Stage Drapes:
They look really good on stage; I wanted to take a photo but the lighting is very soft; it looks good in person but doesn't photograph well.

Off to the last full conference day...yes, it's been incredible... ;)


  1. Wow, woman! That's a lot of costumes! It's wonderful to be able to use your talents and possessions to serve others.

  2. Well, there are 42 HMC students this year...we're not sewing for quite all of them; there are a few (mostly the kids from out of town) who either got them from their home church or had a sewing mom/friend. But I know of at least 4 more that need to bring me fabric; and there's another half dozen or so that I do not know about one way or the other.

    I joke that I am 'sewing' seed into Master's Commission.. (baDUMdum) ;)