Saturday, September 02, 2006

Big Project Status

Bible Costumes for Huntsville Master's Commission:

It's looking more and more like we're going to be making them for about all the students; I'm getting about one phone call a day from someone who hadn't read the emails or the 'What to Bring' list closely enough and just learned that they need a costume. Our women's conference is Thur-Sunday next week; I've put the word out that anyone who wants a costume MUST get their fabric to me by Sunday the 10th; I can only guarantee one more cutting day as Scrooge auditions are looming on the horizon and I'll have to start working on those costumes.

But I do have one cool thing to report: The HMC directors asked me to make some specialty robes for the program to keep; 4 black ones and 4 shiny white ones (there are going to be multiple traveling teams this year and each team will need a set). I was able to find enough black on the dollar table at Wal-Mart, but finding white satin in large quantities at discount prices kind of befuddled me. I did find some at Fashion Fabrics Club for about $3.50/ wasn't true satin, but it did kind of shimmer and so would work, but after I put in the order I got an email that said they only had about half of what I ordered...did I still want it? Well, I could get two robes out of that, so I said 'Yes' and started planning a trip up to Sir's to see if I could find some up there...I still didn't think I could find a large chunk on the dollar table.

But, while cruising the Fabric Mart site, I noticed they had some items that, while not fabric, would make nice Christmas gifts and I ordered about $60 worth of these things, then decided to check their two-for-one fabric list. To my amazement, they had midweight ivory poly satin on sale! And they had plenty for what I I ordered it. Well, that put my total over $80, so I could order the free 12-yard 'Super Bundle'. Since I'll use the bundle fabric, I decided to switch the satin for the bundle in my home budgeting...that is, I'll pay for the satin, count it towards the bundle, which makes the satin FREE for the Master's Commission! Since that makes the fabric in the bundle cost only about$1.85/yd I think that's still a good deal.

Course, that'll add 12 yards to the 'fabric in' total...I think that may be my last non-imperitive fabric purchase for the year.

Oh, anyway....I have made and delivered 5 complete costumes; we had a sewing day at church this week and I helped one lady make costumes for her two daughters who are in the program, and a third lady and I teamed up to make 2 robes, a vest, and several sashes/headbands. So I've got about 5 more costumes done and ready to deliver...and hope to finish off one or two more sets today. So...things are progressing!

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