Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beta Blogger

Wow! I'm finally in the 'create post' window....

I intended to post about blogger woes anyway; it's kind of funny that I should have had so much trouble getting into it today. I know that there's a new version of Blogger in Beta testing; I haven't switched to the new version yet (am I alone in wanting to wait till the bugs are out before I try something new? That's a big part of the reason I didn't order any Hot Patterns until July). pretty flowered background is gone; all it is solid brown now. And it's not just my blog...every one else with the Scribe template is missing their nice flowers, too. And the pretty italics are gone as well; I don't know why, unless the file those images are taken from has been corrupted in some way by the switch. I saw on the dashboard link that I should receive 'an invitation' to switch to the Beta version; I'm assuming that will be an email message, which I haven't gotten yet. I also saw that eventually I will have to switch; hopefully all the bugs will be gone by then. I just hope my old version doesn't gasp and die before then.

Has anyone switched? Have you had any problems...or am I right to wait?


  1. I'm with you...I've been waiting to switch until all of the "bugs" have been worked out. Of course that never really happens but we can dream can't we?

  2. I'm waiting too. This version isn't terrible, except when the photos bog down or won't load. Of course, I have nothing on which to base my comparison. ;-)

  3. I'm waiting, too, and waiting etc. I wonder if Beta will load pix faster and more reliably? I saw others moving to Typepad earlier this summer. I like that format better but there's pluses to being on Blogger, too, some days....

  4. later in the morning: Waaa, one of my pix on an archived post has disappeared. oh boy.

  5. Ack! I don't want to start losing stuff from the archives!

    I went back and followed the 'learn more' button on the little 'New blogger in Beta' notice on the dashboard...after re-reading it, I think *that* is the invitation.

    I'm going to have to think about this a bit more; it looks like the known issues with the beta version won't affect my little basic sewing blog; maybe I should just go ahead and switch. This is getting rather frustrating.

  6. OK, Lisa, I may have to decide that, too. My photo is back now, so I'm going to slide a while longer (yawn and stretch)

  7. I too have not switched to beta. Like Debbie, I have nothing to compare this blog to as this is the only one I have been using. From what I read from others who have switched, there are just too many bugs yet.

    Like Mary Beth, normally my issue with Blogger is the photo loading or not as the case is quite often.

    I am still learning about this whole blogger thing anyway.