Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Audtitions tonight....

And, given the fact that we probably are not going to be making a ton of costumes this year, due to the still-unresolved lack of sewing space, I'm actually going to audition for a couple of speaking parts. It's fun to dance w/hubby, and, depending upon what role I get (if any), I may still be able to do that, as the parts for which I'll read are both second act and the Fezziwig party is in the first act. DD did that last year...danced at the party, then turned herself into one of the tacky charwomen for the second act. They are so altered by costumes and wigs that it wouldn't be a problem to do both. But I'm also going to (gulp) read for the Angel of Christmas Present (AKA Angel 2). This is kind of a long shot...I know how our director wants her portrayed (think of Glinda the Good from MGM's 'Wizard of Oz'), but I want to do her as a whole different sort of character; as a much more practical angel with a broad Cockney accent. So I really don't expect to do much more with that than have fun at auditions. But, more than audtioning for the role, I've got a re-written script for that Angel from which I'd love to see at least some lines used...so after the audtions are done, we're going to take a few minutes (if it's not too late) and do a reading of the altered script. There's some neat stuff that could be put into that scene...and, to be honest, some of Angel 2's lines seem a bit...non sequitor...so I wanted to see if I could come up with something that flowed a little better, as well as bring out some elements that are really only sort of hinted at now. Truth be told...I'm more anxious about the script rewrite than audtioning for a role.

As oi told one o' th' laydees at chuch Sundaey, oi'll just pull out me imitayshun 'ol English accent an' 'ave a go a' it! ;)

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