Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When the fat pants are too tight...'s time to Do Something. I had to face it when I tried on the new gray flannel Oxfords...which feel pretty good but look like a 2nd skin in the hips and fanny. Not that there's a new problem with the's the weight I gained back since Christmas. I lost about 7 pounds leading into the holiday...just stressed and didn't have time to eat. Well, I'm eating again; hello poundage. So I started walking this week; I'm hoping to build back up enough to do a real Exercise and Eat Right program to seriously get rid of it. It's not fun, but it's not really hard...just requires consistent self-discipline (which is not my long suit, I'm afraid).


However, on the plus side, it looks like I have finally got the back curve of the Oxford Pants tweeked...just gotta lose 4 or 5 pounds so I can tell...


  1. Aackk! I hate it when that happens. Despite riding the bicycle for 30 minutes almost every day at the gym, I'm still carting around about 7 pounds. All accumulated since Thanksgiving.

    Good luck!


  2. *sigh*
    Why does it always come so much quicker than it goes? :p