Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The SRP (Stash Reduction Plan)

Monday afternoon I sat down and updated the stash data base. Here's the state of the stash union: 530.64 yards of fashion fabric. Gasp. Time to get to sewing on that.

So here's the plan: I will sew only from stash, EXCEPT for thing like choir attire, where I may need a specific color that is, believe it or not, not in the stash, such as khaki (which is to be worn from May - September). I will allow myself to purchase up to 1/2 the amount of fabric I have sewn. My goal is to get rid of two rubbermaid bins...I need to go check and see what's in a couple of them, so I have a rough idea of the yardage in two of those bins.

But, oh, is it hard to resist those Emma One Sock sales on lovely knits that would work for choir but aren't necessarily 'must haves'!

I'm trying hard to save my 'yardage purchase allotment' for the Atlanta Expo, but I'll go with a list of fabric that I need (black and khaki; maybe some olive green) and I will do my best not to make any impulse purchases...a necessary thing, seeing as I've only sewn up one piece of fabric from either of the last two Expo purchases in the past two years. :rolleyes:

But that'll change pretty soon, too. ;)

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