Monday, February 20, 2006

Pinch Me

Ok, this has nothing whatsoever to do with sewing, but I'm still amazed and it's the only thing that's presenting itself for sharing today.

DH has been attending Promise Keepers events since the organization had their first stadium events outside of Boulder...I think it was 1994, when he and a handful of other guys went up to the conference at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis (it may even still have been called the Hoosier Dome then...I can't remember). He's brought back books and tapes, which I've read and listened to, which have fed me almost as much as him. For a few years...maybe 96 - 98 or thereabouts, several of the PK conferences were broacast live on Christian radio (actually, they may still be doing that; the local station that carried those conferences has changed formats so we wouldn't be able to get them anyway). One of our favorite speakers, whom we wouldn't miss and whose tapes we listened to multiple times during that time was Wellington Boone, whether he was speaking on marriage, racial reconciliation, or just 'walking the talk,' that brother flat put the truth out there.

Now, fast forward to February, 2006, and Bishop Wellington Boone is the guest speaker ...for the third The Rock Family Worship Center in Huntsville, Al. Serving that body as deacons, DH and I were escorts...for the second time... for Bishop Boone and his lovely and gracious wife, Katheryn, while they were here (it ain't always just sewing costumes and such!). Wow.

Who would've thought that eight or nine years ago, when we were listening and learning, that we'd've been in that position. Certainly not me. So I am still amazed...

Maybe I'll have some sewing to report tomorrow. ;)

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