Saturday, February 25, 2006

Moving on

I found my missing thread yesterday, and I sat down last night and whipped up the lining for the SWAP jacket. It only needs buttonholes/buttons and a wee bit of handsewing. I'll wear it to church tomorrow.

Next,I've got to take a break from SWAP (I'll only have 3 tops left to make with about a month to go) and do some sewing for the Atlanta Expo. I've got to make at least two muslins; a top and a pair of pants that exhibit some fitting issues that I've not been able to quite figure out. I'd also like to make Cutting Lines InTHETrenches set for the Expo also; Louise Cutting had a contest a while back for sewing a coordinating mini wardrobe, and part of the prize was that the winner's name would be in the little storyline that she was writing for her new pattern, which at that time was ITT. So that explains the 'Lisa' that you see in the text on the pattern front cover ;). The patterns were just released in time for last year's expo, and I received mine also as part of the prize pack (the last bit of the goodies was a free one-year subscription to Shannon Gifford's Sensible Sewing Newsletter, which I found so helpful that I renewed when it expired!). I got some great teal rayon/linen blend fabric from Louise from which to make the outfit...truth be told, I'll be a little embarrassed if I don't wear that on Thursday at the Expo. So that's next in the queue.

I think I'll add this for Saturday's postings, too; some Saturdays it may be all I'll manage:
Saturday snapshot:
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