Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lining blues

Why is it so tough to sit down and sew that lining? My jacket is all but finished except for the lining and the (small prayer for grace for a bulky, ravel prone fabric) buttonholes/buttons. But finding time to put the lining together...haven't managed it. Maybe this afternoon, while I'm doing laundry... an hour and a half or so should about do it.

I've got to get it done this week while the 'choir colors' are still black and blue (I know; that sounds like a bruise but it really looks pretty good on the platform). We'll be in black and lavendar for March. I think.

ETA...I checked the email; it's (moss, sage, olive)green and black next month. Maybe I need to change my upcoming sewing plan again...


  1. Wouldn't it be easier if your choir wore robes?! LOL That way you could make clothes in the colors you actually like and look good on you. Is there some sort of objection to robes? Just wondering....

  2. Weeeelllll...we're not exactly a traditional choir. Not even close. When grumbling noises have been heard regarding choir colors we've bantered around the idea of robes but it quickly hits the dirt because I don't think anyone -- including me -- wants to wear robes. As frustrating as the whole color thing can be at times, it's still preferable to wearing robes. It can get quite warm on the platform with the TV lights; I can't imagine doing what we do in robes.

    What has been mentioned a little more seriously is getting matching outfits...which I also hope never happens. Since I'm basically a non-employed person, if I had to wear a 'uniform' of any kind to church, I'd lose almost all justification for making nice or unusual clothes...I could just about live in jeans and t's. That'd be no fun either ;)

    As it is, we have some requirements but we can employ our own tastes and preferences within those requirements, which is really and truly is a nice balance...even though I may grumble about it from time to time. It certainly keeps me on my creative toes...

    And we will be wearing the blue again in a few months, so it's not like I'm making the jacket for one day. I like it well enough that I suspect I'll invent reasons to wear it :P