Friday, February 03, 2006

Finding Time

There's a thread over on Pattern Review that asks the question "When do you find time to sew and post?" (Or something like that...I'm too lazy at the moment to open a new window and get the exact question). I had to laugh; my answer would be "The question's should be 'When do you find time to clean house and do laundry and necessary account keeping?'"

Sigh. I need to find time to do all the above. The trouble is, there's no time to find. There's only time to allot, budget, parcel out. And I really need to hit some important household tasks, but I've got grey thread in the serger and three SWAP projects that require grey thread queued up ready to cut out...

Now we have the test of discipline: can I put my attention on the household tasks that need doing, or am I going to cave in and cut out? Or shall I do the reward thing...if/when I get XYZ done, then I can cut out the pants?

Yeah, that'll probably be the plan: Over breakfast, pick the three things that will be X, Y, and Z. Nothing will get done all the way, but something will get done on more things.

I think I need to start letting Flylady boss me around... ;)

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