Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Choir Wardrobe 12.31.17

In the interest of not having a bodaciously long and rambling post, I'm going to stick to the Choir Wardrobe for today and save other stuff for another day.

Burgundy, black and gray were the colors for December, and since we had 5 Sundays in the month I actually did get to wear the new stretch lace top

Worn with the ancient Vogue cardi-wrap I wore last week and the black-denim-look ponte Sewing Workshop Helix Pants, because I didn't have any dressier pants that 1) fit or 2) were clean.  There's a charcoal gray Jalie 965 tank under it, because, yeah.  Stretch lace.

Looking at the photo, I'm wishing I'd made the top about 2" longer....which would have been the original length of the pattern.  What looked frumpy in rayon knit would have looked fine in the stretch lace.  It looks a little skimpy to me, but that may be partially because of the knit pants.  Drapey straight-leg pants w/o a topper would probably have worked better.

The topper was because it was cold Sunday...even here in the South. I'm not complaining; this Hoosier-born gal needs a bit of cold around the holidays for it to even feel right.    Now I want one 3 -4 inch snow and we can call it winter and go to spring. LOL.

AND...with that post, I'm going to retire the Choir Wardrobe...it may come back again or it may not, but I'm feeling really ambivalent about posting the same ol stuff over and over (I know, there's a new top this week, but in general...it's all old...).

But I want to refocus my sewing priority, and I think the paradigm shift on the blog will help.  In all honesty, I started the choir wardrobe series back in the day as a challenge to myself to see if I could wear something me-made every Sunday for a year.   I met that challenge...over and over and over again.  Now it's rare that I DON'T wear something I've made.

So now I need a new challenge. 

And I'm thinking.  I'm thinking....

:-)  Thanks to everyone who has followed the series all these years!


  1. I've enjoyed them a lot. The choir I am in wears Black.

    1. We wear a LOT of black; that's the base color probably at least 75% of the year. When in doubt...black is safe. LOL. But the advance notice on colors has slipped to shorter and shorter; we just found out today that the colors for January will be the same as the last few years...royal blue and black. Which is good; I've got lots of royal blue. But some months we have almost no notice and it's hard to get something made in a pinch. Think I'm gonna lean hard on scarves and jewelry this year. :-)

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    1. Thanks, Regine! Happy New Year to you as well!

  3. You are always prepared - Happy New Year Lisa!

    1. Thanks so much, Faye! A blessed 2018 to you and yours!

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    1. Thanks, Kathleen! And a Happy New Year to you as well!