Sunday, October 08, 2017

Fabric In

No choir today; the remnants of a respiratory infection made an embarrassing coughing spell way too likely so I sat in the rear and practiced what little bit of ASL I know.

So instead of a choir wardrobe post, I thought I'd share a bit of the fabric temptation that has landed on my door....there have been sales...

This is a result of Fabric Mart's latest sale...two pieces of nylon/viscose/lycra ponte (cobalt blue and forest green) and a cotton lawn print that is absolutely divine.  I don't know for sure what I'm going to make of it; it's 45" wide and I have 3 yards.  Maybe a nice breezy summer tunic next year.

Or maybe that will turn out to be the feature print of a SWAP combo.

Cobalt (royal) blue is a fixture of the choir wardrobe in January, and last year we got surprised by switching forest green for red in December.  So the green is...just in case. ;-).

Anyway, I'm just over 60 yards for the year, so I think I need to shut 'er down, unless I get to do some sewing. We'll see how things go.

I did finish a small project; I'd cut out another Jalie 2566 T shirt, from a salmon/navy stripe, just before the nine-patch project hit.   I got as far as the hems and then had to sew up the squares.  Friday I walked into the sewing room and found it in a little pile and remembered...oh, yeah, this still needs hemming.  So I threaded up the double needles and ran 'er through.  I'd only gotten, like, 1 3/8 yards, so a cap-sleeve t was the best I could do from the yardage; I really wanted to use it for a Tilton top but there just wasn't enough.  But at least it's in the closet now and will look great with my navy ponte Helix pants and the navy Jalie pleated cardi.  Maybe Thursday's

This is the first of several moving weeks;   we have to be completely out of our current building into the in-the-process-of-being-transformed school by January 31.  So it's jeans and t-shirts for the first three days this week while we hopefully move a bunch of stuff from storage here to storage there.

We'll add a service for three months; the sanctuary is not slated for completion until May.  So...four services on Sunday in the theater will hopefully shoehorn everyone in.

Gonna be an interesting start to 2018....

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