Saturday, June 17, 2017

More fabric in...

In Which She Scores Something She's Been Looking For For Ages...

I have fallen off of Fabric Mart's mailing list.  I'm not sure why, but I have.

Which may actually be a good thing.

But somehow I happened to just wander by last know, just to see if anything was on sale.

And, wow, I hit gold.

See, I've been wanting to add an Ei1een Fisher-esque long black linen cardigan to my wardrobe for ages.  Found an actual EF cardi in my size on a serious sale at a local department store a year or two ago...and it was still something like $120.  Just. Couldn't. Do. It.

But linen knit is not easy to come by.  And, when I've ordered in the past, it's been floaty and fluffy and not the nice heavy drape of the fabric used in those pricey cardigans.

And then came the sudden urge to just have a peek at Fabric Mart's page last week.

On the deep, double discount page were linen knits.  One of them was black.  It was only 42" wide, so I'd need two cardi lengths, plus sleeves, but the price was only $7.50/yard.  Even if it wasn't *quite* the same, it was worth a shot.

And, of course, fabric HATES to travel alone, so I found a couple of other pieces to keep it company...and bring down the shipping price per yard.

The package arrived today:
A garnet red 'slubby textured' cotton jersey,  some 100% cotton knitted (crochet-look) lace yardage and...the black linen knit.  Which is a substantial, drapey perfect-for-the-cardi weight. So I will have my cardi for about 25% of the sale price of the inspiration piece.  YESSSS! 

And they're all generously cut.  I almost wish I'd ordered the linen in additional colors...but, well, that really was enough of a splurge.

I'm still wanting to sew my '2017 SWAP' probably won't look like the original plan I made back in January, but I really need to get some stuff put together.  Meantime, I've been chipping away at the UFO list...another one down this week.  Something I *could* wear for choir...that


  1. So thoughtful of you to plan traveling companions for your trophy fabric! Very exciting that you found what you were shopping for,it was on sale, they had enough to make your project...I have to svoid FM until I get more out of my stash. I never knew this fabric addiction could be so painful. Kudos on rescuing another UFO, too. Quite the banner week. The red looks nice, but maybe you need to troll again to find some more turquoise (wasn't it)?

    1. LOL! I looked for turquoise when I was there but didn't see anything that appealed to me. I need to dig around in the stash; I'm pretty sure I have some somewhere...

  2. I'm glad you finally found something you've been looking for. I've been looking forward to a new fabric store opening up and it finally did!

    1. Oh, joy! An actual place to visit and buy fabric! JoAnn's is the only game in town, really, and it's just half a step up from Hobby Lobby (which has
      TERRIBLE fabric). Oh, for the days of real fabric stores...Cloth World, So-Fro, those charming indy stores...sigh...