Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blogging break

I just can't seem to get to the 'new post' window...this home renovation stuff is nutso.  We're redoing two rooms...all that stuff is crammed, stacked, wedged and piled around the rest of the house.

It's nearly claustrophobic.

So I'm just going to holler 'UNCLE' here and take a blogging break until we can get some sort of order re established.

Hopefully  we'll be ALL done by Thanksgiving...


  1. Good luck! I lived through a major home addition/renovation while pregnant with DS the Younger. I still remember it well, and not very fondly! :)

    1. As renovations go, this isn't that major...two rooms, one of them a sun room. I can't IMAGINE what doing a serious renovation is like.

      Fortunately the rest of the things on the punch list don't involve new walls...and it'll be one at a time. But we're not advancing on the list for a while.