Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Choir Wardrobe 9/27/15

I know, I know, it's Tuesday, for crying out loud.

But Sunday...well, Sunday was a pretty incredible day.  Aside from it being extremely busy...as in, I was only home just long enough to jump in front of the camera and wolf down a Jimmy John's Unwich (lettuce wrap 'sandwich'), we had some powerful worship at church Sunday.

The choir did not come down off the platform at all during each of the first two services (normally we come down during the transition from worship to teaching).  It was spontaneous...it was so...well...you just had to be there.  Sorry.

And it's really hard to come home from those services and write about what I wore.  I just can't shift mental/spiritual gears sometimes.

And it's not like I wore anything truly faboo anyway; I went to the back of the closet and pulled out a top that technically fits...it really doesn't strain or pull...but looked better 15 pounds ago, nonetheless.  All the style ease has been converted to wearing ease by the slow accumulation of the years.

But it garnered a few comments, nonetheless...probably just because it's a little out of the ordinary for me.

September colors: white, black and gold.  Black jeans with a ca. 2006 Hot Patterns Cadeau Top in marvelously beefy black and white stripe rayon/lycra jersey.  With a gold necklace and earrings.

And, yeah, those are birki sandals.  So glad I had those on...lol...

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