Sunday, August 30, 2015

Choir Wardrobe 8/30/15

At least the choir wardrobe pretty much guarantees at least one post a week! :-)

I did spend a little time in the sewing room yesterday and cranked out another McCall's 6559 Maxi.  Pictures as soon as I can manage it...

But today was the last day for August's coral/black/gray combo.

Gray/black stripe rayon jersey Jalie 2566 t shirt under my coral rayon blend jersey Jalie 2919 pleated cardigan.  Black Lee jeans that should stay black...they've got a good bit of poly blended w/the cotton, so hopefully they'll hold that nice dark color.

I had a long sparkly necklace on, but during 2nd service I was working on data entry in my office and the necklace caught on a corner on my desk and the jump ring at the clasp failed.  If something had to break, that was a good thing as it's easily repairable...just need to sit down for a minute with my needle nosed pliers.  But it's not in the photo and you totally miss my attempt to get on board the multiple necklace layers train...

Next month:  Black, ivory and gold....

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