Friday, May 15, 2015

Fabric Aquisition Road Trip

Not getting the opportunity to attend any Expo this year, Miss A and I decided to do a little jaunt up to Nashville to take advantage of Textile Fabric's Moving Sale...50% off all fabric and much for a change of scenery as anything.  I really didn't intend to buy much.

Famous last words.

The Remnants rack was actually marked at 75% off retail, so I looked there first.

Sequins on black mesh; I know they look red, but trust me, they're a rich burnt orange...a color we wear every October in choir.  Hoping to get a little shell top or tank top for some fall bling.  Not to mention a new sewing experience...I've never done sequins before...

 I found a gorgeous piece of rayon challis for, like, five bucks.  It's just a yard and a half, but it should be enough for a camp shirt, eh?  The green/black lace is non-stretch;  but we'll be wearing that kelly green later this summer so I thought I'd go for a lace T.  Not sure if I'll line it or just wear it over a tank.

I also picked up a few pieces off the bolts at half price.  Cotton/lurex/lycra's black and silver...a gorgeous rayon/lycra jersey knit and brown/black/white stripe bottomweight linen.

I only got the pieces that I decided I'd be mad at myself if I came home without them.  There was another piece of lightweight wool that would've made a KILLER tunic top for winter, but at $50/yd on sale it was still too rich for my blood.

Then we ate lunch at a posh restaurant and headed back south.  We decided to do a little jog on the way home and swung 20 miles east to Fayetteville for a visit to Sir's Fabrics.

I'd forgotten that the entire month of May constitutes Sir's Founders Days...with 20 - 25 percent discounts on almost everything in the store.  I was particularly looking for some brown suit weight fabric I could use for some costuming...and you'll be hearing more about that in the days to come...and I STRUCK GOLD (click on the photo to read the selvage):
I got 6 5/8 yards for the astonishing price of (including tax)  $4.15/yd.  The Superfine wools I'd seen at Textile started at about $89/yd, yeah.  GOLD.  That should do for my costuming and maybe some regular clothes for the closet.  It's a birds eye weave and it feels MARVELOUS.

So, yeah, the fabric in totals jumped a bit (sheepish grin).  But I'm probably not going to buy any more for quite a while.

Yeah, yeah.  Famous last words. ;-)

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