Sunday, May 17, 2015

Choir Wardrobe 5/17/15

You really can't see much of the new Hearts A'Flutter top; you'll just have to trust me that it's there under the much-worn Jalie Pleated Cardigan.  The dark wash jeans are new; but they are a brand I didn't recognize off the sale rack at a local department store.  It's the same fringy scarf I wore last week; just tied differently.  Last week I wore it hacking-fashion (folded in half with the tails tucked through the loop at the fold) but that fringe is so heavy that it kept snugging up against my neck...I was continually tugging the loop back down into place.  This week I tied a slip knot, which worked much better.  I was worried that it would look crazy long, but as it turned out it blended in with the hemline of the jacket quite nicely, so it worked.  All nice and lavender-and-gray.

But it covered up the top.

Which probably isn't so bad.  There are  few fit issues; I have to remove some of the extra I added to the lower front and I need to adjust the bust dart and raise the underarm slightly.  It's also a little short to wear with any pants that do not come all the way to the natural waist...not as much overlap there as I'd like...which means most of my jeans (including the ones I wore today, which were the only dressy ones clean) are risky.  The cardigan makes that a non-issue.

The top is mighty comfy, though;I'll try and get the pattern tweeks done and make another one before the summer is over.  I'll review it once it's good to go.

 Loving this linen; I think I'm going to go ahead and make up the rest of the piece, just so I can wear it.  It won't get done in time for Choir...I've got an urgent project that's going to boot it out of the lineup, I think, but it can definitely go in the workwear rotation.

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