Sunday, May 03, 2015

Almost Choir Wardrobe...Substitute fit photos.

May's colors are gray and black, along with the current Pantone lavender, which is rather pink toned rather than blue/purple. 

My lavender tops are on the blue side.

So I thought I'd just wear a black sweater shell, gray Jalie pleated cardigan, and a fringed poly print scarf that is pink/lavender.  Only the scarf is polyester, rather scratchy and hot and very fringy, so I pulled it off to eat breakfast.

And realized about halfway to church that it was still draped over the chair at home.

Not much purpose in taking a photo of just the black sweater and the cardi; you've seen them both lotsa times before and I'm sure the scarf will find its way into the wardrobe before the month is over.

So, instead, I dug the jacket muslin out of the bag I'd stuffed it in and let My Sweet Baboo take some pics that will hopefully show the issues I"m having with it.

I have moved the left front armsceye into the garment about 5/8", just as a test; the right sleeve hasn't been adjusted.

You've got to click them to get them to show the details; firstly, note that the front armsceye seam is on my arm, not on the pivot between my arm and my body. Secondly, I've got foldy things going on in front of the armsceye.   There is a little excess around the princess seam as well, but that would be an easy adjustment.  It's the vertical slop that really bugs me.

 From the side and back...I think the back is just a pinch too long, and, while the armsceye seam sits on my shoulder back much better, there's still a lot of drapey goo going on; folds that run from my shoulder blade right down into the sleeve back.  That might go away with shoulder pads, but I really don't want shoulder pads in a casual denim jacket.

I don't know if the princess seam adjustment would be enough to pull the front up to level with the back.  But there's the suggestion that the peplum has hung up on the jeans so it may not be hanging quite normally anyway.

I don't normally have to make sway back adjustments.
So there's the  4th iteration on the muslin.  Better than the first in some ways but still a long way from wearable.  I'm not throwing it out...but I've got to learn more about sleeve fitting, or at least come up with a different TNT pattern that I can use to correct this one.

It's a cute jacket...but I've hit the wall on this one.  I'm ready to try something different, if only to clear my palate. 

It's going into the 'maybe someday' bin...


  1. Better pictures and I see a few things that explain some of the drag lines.

    The lines from the shoulder blade to the sleeve are a high round upper back. Also evident by the way the back hem hikes up shorter than the front. The band across cb waist is also higher at cb and lower at the ss. If you slice across the upper back, 2-3" below the neckline and let it open up you'll see the drag lines go away. You're sleeve issue will also improve though some of it looks like the sleeve needs to be rotated forward.

    I think if you open up the upper back you'll also see some of the issues in the front armscye fixed. If you think of it this way maybe it will make sense. Everything is pulling back and up to cover the upper back. It's pulling everything "off" fit wise.


    1. Hm....that's interesting, as I've never encountered that fitting issue before. But I see how the 'goo' kinda points to that. It will definitely be worth checking.