Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Venture into Steampunk...

A quick post here, because I've got to hit my cutting table...

Ten years ago, we did a family crusade at church with a pirate theme.  We split the congregation into two teams, and the competition rose to amazing, incredible, hilarious heights as the kids learned about God's love amongst the hilarity.

We all joined in the's flashback photo of all of us, on what just happened to be the 25th anniversary of our wedding day...
Wow.  Ok, I had to have a moment there.

But it's been ten years.  And the time has come 'round again for a full out family event.

Only this time the theme is kinda Rocketeer-ish steampunk.  'Sky Kids - Saving the world of Tomorrow'.

And this time, I'm on staff.  I"m actually going to be over all the data entry and point tracking for all the kids who come; the top five point-earners will get some pretty cool prizes.

So I'm working on a costume.  I may or may not be actually interacting with the congregation in my role as 'Record Keeper', but I will be part of the backdrop.

Steampunk ain't as easy as Pirates...I'm just sayin'.

But I found that wonderful superfine wool in a perfect sepia brown, so I'mma gonna give it a go.

My inspiration is Mary Poppin's red Day Out suit...and that's just what it is, inspiration.  I'm going to make the jacket out of Vogue 1132, which has a pretty pronounced back peplum...which some reviewers called 'bustle-like'.  Kinda awkward for daily wear, maybe, but for a costume...perfect.

And, check this is a shoulder--princess cut with long sleeves w/elbow darts.  Ya'll, this could be the basis for a TNT jacket.  Without the peplum, of course.

And Vogue is a sloper I'm used to; I more-or-less know what I need to do to alter up the patterns to fit.  I've decided I'm going to do one more adjustment...a forward shoulder...and then I'll cut out the lining to see how it does.  Then the jacket.

And, me being me, I seem to have mislaid the pattern guide sheets.


Here goes.

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