Sunday, April 26, 2015

Choir Wardrobe 4/26/15

So, two days before the last day to wear the bright turquoise blue, I pulled out some rayon/lycra jersey that  had been in the stash since Feb 2012. It was too intense for the lighter turquoise we were supposed to wear that year, but it was dead on the color for this year.  I cut out the Jalie Pleated Cardigan, and, the day before the last day to wear that color, I managed to get it through the machines...much against their wishes, apparently.  Or it could be that flimsy rayon jersey is just beastly to sew.  We're good so long as no one looks really close

But it meant that I got to wear it on the last day for the bright turquoise.  Along with  the gray sparkly Simplicity 2603 and new dark wash Levis.  Good ol' Levis...still under $40.

That's the fifth Jalie 2919 cardigan I've made; I altered up the sleeves, and there's a fishtail sweep in the back, both of which I've done before.  But this time I actually followed the pattern instructions and put the pleats to the OUTSIDE.  I didn't even notice they were supposed to be that way until after I made the 4th one...

I have enough of the turquoise to make another Simplicity 2603.  Twin set time.

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