Sunday, April 05, 2015

Choir Wardrobe: 2015 Resurrection Weekend

Five services spread over 3 days.  And, as is usual, to talk about what I wore just seems...kinda pitiful.  We had an amazing word.

So, if you want to know why I bother talking about clothes when there's so much more significant subject matter available, I'll refer you to the post that 's linked on the sidebar for explanation and throw out my disclaimer that  'It really ain't about clothes...but this is a sewing site'.

The choir wardrobe colors for April are:
Or sort of, anyway.  Turns out the representation of that turquoise on my monitor was a bit off from what the actual color is...which is pretty deep and intense.  So the turquoise pieces I had picked out to wear this weekend got put back in the closet.  I do have a 3+ yard piece of rayon jersey that IS the right color, and it is currently on the cutting table to be turned into a Jalie pleated cardi (linked below) and a Simplicity scoop neck top, but it didn't happen in time to wear it this weekend.

So I made do.  Fortunately, I had things in the other colors from previous years. :-)  But I hadn't switched the seasonal wardrobe yet, so I had to dig some things out of the off-season bin.

 Friday was Jalie and Jeans.  2919 Pleated front cardigan, in a coral rayon blend, with a sleeveless Jalie 2682 top, in what is actually a kinda crisp rayon jersey.  And, yes, that's a new haircut; the stylist wanted to straighten it so I have a hair style this weekend that probably will never quite be replicated by yours truly.

Saturday I grabbed the sparkly sheer knit Sewing Workshop Eureka Top, which is over a gray rayon/lycra Jalie 965 tank because it can't be worn alone for any reason.  The loopy scarf was made for me by my sister for Christmas.  And jeans.

For Sunday, I pulled out my linen Vogue 1055 Adri Jacket and ironed the storage wrinkles out of it.  It's over a rayon/lycra jersey Vogue 2925 top that's a good 4 years older than the linen topper and matches purely by serendipitous chance.  However, the effect would be more impressive if I had had time to get the photo before we left for church, instead of when we got home many hours later.

And I attempted to recreate the professionally-done hairstyle the same morning as crock-potting the roast and veggies and baking some goodies to treat my data entry volunteers who were working today.  Limited flatiron experience and less time and...why I'm embracing the hobbit hair... ;-)

We'll see if I can squeak out enough time to get that cardi/top set done before the colors change again.

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  1. Fortuitous prior projects and they all look good !