Friday, August 01, 2014

A little Catch Up

August 1.
There is just no way.

Like, how could it be Friday already?  And I never did a Choir Post?
 Not that this is really anything to get excited about; the jeans and the jacket are RTW, and the gray top is my much-used Simplicity 2603  which, as this was taken at the end of the day that included dinner at the noodle place and a bowl of drippy asian noodles, had a spot that is conveniently  concealed by the point of the jacket.

I've been working in ten-minute increments on a sheerish navy Plaza Jacket; it only needs hems but the poly burnout fabric is not being very cooperative and I've got to hand baste the whole thing.  So it's taking a bit.  But the choir colors for August are tan, emerald and navy, so I *should* get to wear it before the month is over.

This ten-minutes-at-a-time stuff is killing my sewing mojo.  Oh, it's better than nothing, but, wow, projects that used to take a weekend are now taking a month or more. I can live with this, but I'm not enjoying it much.

But, maybe as an enticement to get it together so I can sew more,  there are New Patterns In.  Had to make a trip to Hancock's today...because I lost some things I bought last year...and Vogue patterns were on sale.  So I grabbed a handful.  Each of these has something I like...and two of them have A/B/C/D cup sizing.  I figured it was worth $5 to not have to do a FBA.  If I ever get around to really making something.

The missing things were the iron-on applique letters I needed for my Girls Only Award Stole.  I'd made them for the girls last year, with their graduation year on the sash, and decided I'd make one for me, too, with the pins that I'd earned teaching the units.  My plan was to have it available for any promotional events we might do regarding the girls ministry program. But I didn't get to it last year, and I  looked and looked and couldn't find the letters this week, so I had to run to Hancocks.

However, as it has just been made public, we are doing away with the K - 12 girls ministry program and replacing it with a program for girls in grades k - 5 only.  So I'm kinda late with my promo plan.  But I needed a place to put the pins anyway, so I grabbed the appliques and finished off the stole.

Not really sure what I'm going to do with it; I might be able to use it in Wednesday night's advancement service but that would be it.

At this point, it's just going to be a bit of memorabilia of eight years spent with some amazing young ladies.

But, who knows...with 3 Teen Girls classes no longer on my plate, I might sew a little more.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself.


  1. Very nice ensemble. I'd really like to know just how many (total) blog posts you've done. You are a true blogger!

  2. Faye, the Blogger counter says this is my 1660th post on Sew Random....hard to believe I'm coming up on 9 years! I've got 643 posts on Beer Lahai Roi; that's been running for 6 years. Haven't always been consistent, and there are times when I wonder why I'm doing it, but I've been glad to be able to back and look at past posts, so it's been good for me, even if I only have a handful of folks who stop by.

    Thanks for being one of those folks! :-)