Saturday, July 05, 2014

Pants off the WIP list...and learning the new machine

I don't have photos yet; I'm sure they'll show up sooner or later.

I finally finished the Sewing Workshop Plaza pants that have been hanging out on the WIP list since 2011.  I cut them out of a dark midnight navy tropical wool, and they'd just languished in the bag, waiting on me to get enough time to work on them.

I was afraid that either 1) the fabric would have had moth damage by now or 2) they would be too small; neither of which turned out to be the case.

But I sewed them on the new machine, and I learned some things about it that are different than my old machine.

I cannot adjust the pressure foot pressure.  This meant that I got more slippage between the top layer of fabric, which was next to the foot, and the bottom layer, which was next to the feed dogs.

And I didn't catch on.

Now, this machine HAS a walking foot, which would correct the problem.  However, it is something of a nuisance to put on/take off as it involves unscrewing the snap-on shank that most of the feet attach to, and Janome switched what WAS a thumb screw on my old machine to a screw that needs a screwdriver.  And the only one that fits is the little triangly one that comes with the machine and is slow as Christmas to use, as it has to be repositioned after every half turn.

So, when I took it off to do some zig--zag stitching,  I didn't put it back on.

And the Plaza pants have this funky pleat thing going on down the front of them.

I did not notice until the final try on that I have some ripply things happening in those front pleats, due to the top layer of fabric being pushed against the pull of the bottom layer against the feed dogs.

Now, it's not horrible and it won't keep me from wearing them, but it is enough that it will bug me.  Not enough to go through what would be a  burdensome amount of ripping and re-stitching that might not improve the look anyway, but just enough to make me annoyed.

If I *KNEW* I could make it better, I'd fix it, but I suspect that I'd go to all that trouble and end up with something that really won't look any better, due to all the wrangling that would be done to undo the  first time.   See, I'd reversed the direction of the pleat so I could put some pockets in under it, so it's not just a matter of restitching that pleat...there are pockets involved.

So, I'm just going to grin and bear really doesn't show unless I'm standing stock still.  Oh, and it will probably be magnified in a flash photo.

But, that is one really long-standing item off the WIP (aka the 'UFO' list).  If I can get one thing made from that list every three months or so, I'll eventually get back to current sewing.

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