Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Choir Wardrobe 7/12/14

Same combo as last week...just turned inside-out, color-wise. 

Coldwater jeans, with navy rayon jersey Jalie 2566 cap sleeve t...I will do a review on that as soon as I get a minute, because it is turning into my TNT T shirt pattern and I really ought to have mentioned it on PR, at least. ;-) 

Also wearing the needs-to-be-replaced-because-it's-wearing-out Jalie 2919 Pleated cardigan.   Not sure when I'll get around to actually replacing it, but I've got the fabric now and hopefully I'll remember not to use it for anything else.

And a double scarf...a scrap of sparkly dot-infused netting, left over from some costuming something that was being discarded from the school costume stash and toted home by The Princess about 11 years ago, that she finally said I could have, so I just whacked it into a rectangle.  I have a pink poly chiffon scarf that I made some time ago, just to have a scarf the right color.  I think I hit on the idea of putting them together last year and I liked that so well I just keep em' that way.

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