Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back from Girls Camp

...and I realized I never posted the Choir photo from last week...

Jeans from Coldwater, I think, an ancient poly tricotene Evan Piccone blazer,  a hot pink version of Simplicity 2603 and a scarf that got several compliments.

It's the remnant from the Jiffy Pop Top.  It was a very interesting fabric...a blue poly knit with the lame sort of printed on.  Sort of.  So I had this 3" bit along the selvages that were not lamanized, for want of a better term, so I just squared up the bit left at the was at least 60" wide...and, bingo, a silver/navy blue scarf, which works great when gray and navy are in the choir line up.  :-)

And, when I got home, a package was awaiting.  I got 3 yards of a rayon/lycra jersey in a spot on perfect shade of gray...not too dark, not too light...for the cardigan I was going to make from the fabric I inadvertently cut into two tops.

The really significant thing about that order is that I only ordered one piece of fabric.  Which safely arrived WITHOUT a traveling buddy.

Changing paradigms... ;-)


  1. Your scarf looks lovely ~ I can see why you received comments wearing this outfit ... J

    1. I love it when I can make something wearable out of leftovers... ;-) Thanks!

  2. Not often that online fabric arrives 'spot on' right ! Nice :-)