Monday, March 03, 2014

Choir Wardrobe 03 02 14

 Y'know, so long as I've got the 'three services Sunday morning and a class on Sunday evening' schedule, I think I'm going to consider Monday the normal day to do the weekly Choir Wardrobe post...I'm doing good to get  a photo, let alone find time to post it.  This week's photo is a jump-in-front-of-the-camera-with-the-timer-set one available to snap the photo when I had a minute to snap it.  But I think the schedule will change at some point...sort of...maybe... ;-).

Anyway, being March 2 the colors have changed to navy, mint green and tan.  That cardi from Coldwater is a weird color; next to my gray, it looks to tan, it looks gray.  But under the lights, well, it kinda goes brownish so I wore it. ;-)

The scarf is a hemmed rectangle remnant of rayon challis  which really is a hair more green than it looks in the photo. The stage lighting does weird things with mint green, all looked white or gray as the blue lights in the array washed it out.  Interesting.

The T under it was my Saturday whip together frankenpattern of  the Jalie 2566 t shirt; the knit is very stretchy, but also very firm so I used the larger size tracing so it wouldn't be forced into obvious stretching.  It's cotton/lycra and really a pretty casual top, but it's ok as a bottom layer.  It's also really comfy and I wish I'd made it early in the season so I could've worn it more.  I cobbled up the sleeve using the cap sleeve from the T and the long sleeve, shortened, from the cardigan.  Just pinned one on top of the other and folded the extra on the cardi sleeve to match.  Now I really wish I'd traced that so I could do it again easily.

Next time. ;-) And, next time I probably should do a bit of adjusting; the shoulder on this size is just too wide for me and needs to be adjusted.  But it's minor and no worse than RTW would be...

And I really do need to do a review on that pattern one of these days...

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