Friday, March 21, 2014

Long day...

DS the Elder, AKA the Artist, had arthroscopic surgery on his knee today, repairing and rebuilding damaged tendons and cartilage and I won the draw to be the official 'family representative'.

Which means I pretty much sat in a chair from 7:30 AM until 5:30 ish PM, when My Sweet Babboo arrived to take the evening shift.

Everything went well and he seems to be recuperating fine; he's hoping to go to the church men's pancake breakfast after he checks out of the medical facility tomorrow.  But it was his right knee, which means he won't be driving for 6 weeks.  That means we're going to be doing a lot of chauffeuring.  Dunno if he can rig up a car pool for his ride into work or not...

I took some needle work but, owing to the aged state of the piece I was working on, I did not have a functional needle with me.  So, I ended up reading a book I found at the bookstore yesterday for just such a situation; George Washington's Secret Six:  The Spy Ring that Saved the American Revolution by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yeager.  It was a quick read...I read all of it before he got to his room...but very enlightening.  I'd never really heard the whole Benedict Arnold story (yup, those six civilian spies were key players), and many of the American Revolution stories that I learned in history class looked a little different coming from a non-textbook perspective.  I'll probably pass it around the's worth a read.

But I did come home and fuse every piece of interfacing I have onto the respective pieces of the coat.  That's a huge piece done; when I can get back into the sewing room, I'll actually be sewing.  Glory! ;-)


  1. Thanks, Carolyn! He's got his knee propped up in the den, watching March Madness. Gonna see a bit more of him than normal for the next few days, anyway....