Sunday, March 16, 2014

Choir Wardrobe 03 16 14

 March colors are mint green, navy blue and tan/brown.  After a very short night, due to My Sweet Babboo's wee hours return from a trip to Missouri,  I just grabbed what I could and went.  CWC jeans, with my 3/4 length cotton/lycra jersy Jalie 2566 T that was new 2 weeks ago; McCalls 5860 Jeans Jacket in khaki stretch cotton sateen and the mint green scarf made from a remnant.  The jacket has never really been a raging success; there was way too much fabric flopping around on the bottom when I finished it, but the only place to take it out was the front princess I have ended up with an off-grain seamline.  Oh, it's better than it was...but still not great.  I really, really need to replace it with a jacket that has been properly adjusted at the pattern stage.  But that's pretty low on the priority right now.  Trench coat first...

My Sweet Baboo was actually at a knife making class over the weekend, and during some of their free time they ended up at Springfield Leather. He'd been there on an earlier trip, so this time, I had him call me.  And he brought home two very nice pieces of leather for me, which goes a long way towards making up for being allowed to go to the knife class the same weekend as the Atlanta Sewing Expo, which I consequently missed again so I could be home and make sure the Flute Player had someone looking after her.

The color is not very good on the photo; the pinkish/purple piece is really a dark burgundy, and is intended to be a replacement Bible cover (as in, a zipper case to carry it around in); the shiney piece is actually a very lovely gold metallic (the spot on it sort of in the middle is a blip on the camera lens).  .  I'm hoping to get a vest out of it, but all the scraps WILL get used in some fashion; it's just too lovely to toss.

It may be 10 years before I use all of it up...but I intend to use ALL. OF. IT.

Which will be fun, seeing as I have never sewn with leather before. ;-)

But since I technically did not buy the skins, I'm not really counting them as breaking the no-new-fabric-until-the-trench-is-done moratorium. ;-)

I'd put them in the 'fabric in' tally...but how do you compute that???/

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