Monday, March 10, 2014

Choir Wardrobe 03 09 14

I almost didn't bother; the only thing I'm wearing that I made is the very thin and floppy rayon knit Jalie 2566 cap sleeve t.  But, for some crazy reason I thought it would be good to TRY to be consistent, so at about 10:30 last night I jumped in front of the camera-on-ten-second-timer and took a few selfies; this was the best of the lot. 

The jeans are from Lee and the linen jacket is from Coldwater; the colors for this month are navy, mint green and tan.  I actually had on mint green hoop earrings, but by the time I got home last night (I was at church  Sometimes that's what you do when you teach teens....) my ears were begging me to take 'em out, so I did.  Immediately upon walking through the door.

 I'm not sure they would've showed up anyway. ;-)

The weird necklace was something I came across at our local Really Cheap Color Coordinated Jewelry Store.  It was different...really different...from the rest of the offerings and so came home with me.  I'm really trying to pull colors in with accessories rather than making up so many different garments; my closet just can't handle much more. ;-)

And I need to get on that trench coat...if for no other reason than I'm missing some fabulous online fabric sales, because I have declared I will NOT add to the stash until that coat is done.

Arg...sorely testing my resolve here...

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  1. Even one handmade garment is better than what most can attest to. Just be proud!!!