Saturday, March 01, 2014

Almost a muslin...

 I was pretty happy with the muslin until I saw the pictures.  Now I'm not so sure.

I put a sweater on under it, just to make sure that I'd have room for a sweater.

The front looks pretty's the back and side views that are making me frown a bit.

 I didn't include the pleat in the back because I wanted to fit the back w/o cheating any ease from the pleat. I'm seeing some diagonal wrinkles that make me think that 1) the upper back is too wide and 2) the back hip is too snug. (ETA: I think the 'too wide' upper back is a trick of lighting, so I've decided that only the back hip is an issue)

There is a pleat that goes all the way from the back neckline to the hem; I intend to sew it closed at the waistline for about 2" above and below.  There is also a back shield .

And there's a good possibility that a heavier, lined coat would fall just fine; the lightweight muslin may be velcroing a bit to the sweater and jeans underneath.  There will also be a belt and tabs on the lower sleeves.  I thought the sleeves would probably be too long, but they are just about right when I bend my arms, so I think I'm going to leave them at that length.

There's a 2" hem in that that I haven't turned up...I like the length it is, so I'm going to add 2 more inches to so that will be the finished length.

Now to I need to fix the back, or will it all be ok once the back pleat is there and the coat is lined???  I don't want to overfit...

Meantime, I am in need of something warm and navy blue for choir this month, so I celebrated my (I thought) completed muslin by whipping up a cotton/lycra 3/4 sleeve t from a cobbled up Jalie 2566 pattern (there's no long sleeve option for the t, so I morphed together the cap sleeve and the sleeve for the cardigan...).   It's a pretty casual looking top, but it'll get worn and it felt good to finish SOMETHING! ;-)


  1. I've seen it suggested to try the muslin on over a thin windbreaker to stop the clinging. Might be worth a try.

    1. That's a great idea...but I don't own a thin windbreaker... I'll hunt and see if I can find something close, though...

  2. If you are going to sew the back pleat closed at the waistline, I think maybe you should consider adding 2 inches to the back width at the hip area so it will still fall nicely over the hips. Just a suggestion. It is looking very nice!

  3. That's actually pretty close to what I was thinking I'd need to do...