Friday, February 28, 2014

Sewing Bee Mania

If you're around the webs much at all, you'll know that season 2 of The Great British Sewing Bee has hit the airwaves... or digital feeds, or whatever.  It's been something of a trick to watch it on this side of the pond; I found a feed last week that worked, but when I tried it this week all the available choices either wanted me to download something (eek!  no!) or watch advertising for something that looked very, um, morally deficient.  But I did find that episode 2 was posted on youtube, so I managed to watch it there, although I had to keep refreshing the window.  Took a while.

I really am enjoying this second season; it's maintaining the spirit and the quality of the first season and it's interesting to see how everyone handles the pressure; I don't know how well I'd do, having to stick to the spec sheet and not use my favorite short cuts or methods.  (Hand pick a zipper on a skirt??? Why??? )

But, turns out that if I lived up in the New York/New Jersey area I could see if I could round up the nerve and give it a go; the company that produces TGBSB is doing a pilot on this side of the pond.   I don't expect that to be news to anyone by this time; it's all over the blogs.  It doesn't look like the pilot is going to be a replica of the British show; if I'm reading the info right, there will be a new group each week.  Kinda cuts down on the 'bonding' with the folks, but if it's just fourish shows to try it there wouldn't be a lot of opportunity to get to know the folks anyway.

I'm just hoping to see some familiar names; several of the folks on my news feed are from that part of the country.

I think it would be an absolute hoot to do, although I don't for one minute think I could keep up with most of the folks whose sewing I follow.  I'd just love a chance to sit down and sew with them.  ;-)


  1. I've had some problems with the links, too as my computer keeps dying. I'll be anxious to see how the US version of the Bee turns out. I don't do well under pressure but admire those who can.

  2. I finally got past the 'advertisements' to a video that just kept stopping every 2 seconds. I gave up but eventually the YouTube vid was posted and had god luck with it.

    I like the IDEA of the bee but it takes me a week to make a skirt, not 3.5 hours LOL. !!!

    1. I can sew pretty fast when I can clear the time to just put my head down and sew; I think I could make a skirt in that amount of time if I didn't paralyze myself by overthinking everything. But have it stand up to inspection by folks who are looking at how close to the edge the understitching is? EEEeeeee..... :-)