Monday, February 03, 2014

Choir Wardrobe - Groundhog Day

I was busier than Punxsutawney Phil yesterday; while I managed to hop in front of a camera for a moment, I did not get the photo posted.

Which probably is no biggie, since, aside from the shirt, I wore the exact same outfit I wore last week....which is, owing to my crazy busy life this week, the post immediately preceding this one.   ;-)

But, hey, we had a big conference over the weekend and the registration process had a giant mantis of a bug in it and, well, I was busy.  So.

February colors are black and white, with gold or tan 'accents'.

The shirt is a modified version of Burda's boatneck t from Feb 2010  made up in a very stout cotton/lycra knit...with teeny gold lurex lines outlining the black stripes.  Of course, no one can actually see the gold lines...I think they're about two threads thick...but I was delighted to have something so dead-on to put on.

I don't look too tired there, do I?  Amazing... ;-)

All I have managed to do on the trench coat was dig out the muslin fabric and haul it to the cutting table.  I have promised myself I will not retire tonight until I have cut the back, the front, and the sleeves from the muslin....

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  1. You are so spot on with the black and white striped tee!!! They are everywhere for spring.