Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So, how would you...

...take 2 1/2 inches out of the back of a suit coat, super fast, without messing up the lining?
Here's my best guess...

This jacket has no side seam, but a side panel that curves into the lower back armsceye.  There were just a couple of pins at the back waist; I made a trip to school this morning to put the jacket (and the matching vest) on the actor to shape the adjustment a little better.  So I knew what I needed to do, but not how to do it.

After mulling it over while I was at work today, the best guess I could come up with was to mark the 'dart'  along either side of the seam line, then hand baste along the marking to transfer the marks to the wrong side AND secure the lining.

Then I will stitch up the dart and pound/press the dickens out of it.  Fortunately it's a tropical weight wool.

Costume, not couture...as if anyone was wondering...this is for Mr. Paravincini, the mysterious latecomer.

Crossing my fingers that it works.  I still have to baste the other side before giving it a go on the machine...

Oh. This is what I found when I went back to the sewing nook:

I really hope Mr. Paravincini is not allergic to cats.


  1. I think you've got the right idea - this distributes the amount needed to be taken in, and is temporary in case this is worn by someone else in another production. Yes, my cats love fabric and costumes, too. What they really, really love are wedding gowns! I can't keep the cats away from those for some weird reason.

    1. It worked fairly well. there's a bubble of fabric at the top of the 'dart', which is only to be expected. But the shoulders really are too wide anyway, so the bubble will get lost in the general drapiness. I just couldn't tailor the shoulders down in the time I've got. But, Mr. P. is a rather fidgety fellow, so hopefully he won't be still long enough for anyone to notice that his jacket's a bit broad.

    2. ...and, because Theater is Theater, when the cast stood on stage with their costumes, the director decided Mr Paravincini needed something more flamboyant than blue pinstripes; the suit was struck and they found him something else. But, hey, I learned from it... ;-)