Friday, February 22, 2013

Skipping February and March...

 I splurged and subscribed to Burda World of Fashion after Christmas in 2007.  My subscription started in March '08, just AFTER that fabulous Feb 2008 issue that everyone made tons of stuff out of.

I renewed it four times, but decided not to renew the subscription this year after 1) The price went up and 2) the readability of the patterns went down and 3) I was seeing lots of repeats from earlier magazines and 4) I already have more patterns around than I can possibly use.

And around the end of January I started seeing pattern reviews of very cool things from the Feb 2013 issue, which should have been my last.

I waited two weeks, then emailed the company linked up on Amazon about my missing issue, stating that, while I realized Feb 2013 was my last issue, I would still like to have it.

They emailed me back promptly that, according to their records, my subscription ended with the Jan 2013 issue.  I was thanked for my interest.

So I emailed them back the particulars (that the subscription started w/ March '08 and should therefore end w/ Feb '13) , mentioning that Amazon showed the subscription active through March 2013.

Reply email.  'Please be advised that the dates listed in Subscription Manager are  estimated by Amazon"

Then they listed out the year-by-year:  March '08 through Feb '09; March '09 through Feb '10....etc....ending with March '12 through Feb '13.

No acknowledgement of my original question about the missing Feb 2013 issue.

So, once more I replied. 'Yes.   My subscription should end with the Feb 2013 issue...which I still have not received.'

Finally, a reply with an answer.

The February 2013 issue is no longer available to resend. The publisher will extend your subscription by 1 issue. The publisher will send the April issue as march is also no longer available.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Not deleting any emails until the April issue arrives.  Hoping it's a good one, as it apparently is subbing for the Feb. issue which, from what I've seen, was a good one.

Sure wish there was a local shop that carried the Burda mags...

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  1. Oh that bites! I'm letting my subscription lapse as well. I think I'm good through April, but I just got a renew with my last issue, so I don't really know. Frustrating, though isn't it? g