Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Owning up

And it wasn't even a sale.

See, I fell in love with rayon challis back in the '80's.  So pretty, so drapey, so feminine.

And then it disappeared.

For years, there was no challis to be had.

So, I kinda have a knee-jerk reaction to pretty challis...and before I knew it, a couple of pieces were being delivered to my door.
Roughly 2.5 yards of each, to be exact.  The one on the right shows up as being much more blue-tinted than it is in real life; it's really shades of purple.  Both settle that rayon craving nicely.

Just hope I can actually make them into something. ;-)

Of course, one of my favorite online vendors just announced a big sale; if I can get something sewn up before it ends, I might just let myself order a little more...we'll see...

PS to my blogging buddies... have you put yourself on the map yet?


  1. I'm not on the map - guess I need to fix that, eh? And can you give me hints on working with the challis? I bought some at Hancocks, really pretty. Washed, dryed, cut out a dress. Sewed the dress up - stretched like nobody's business, one side of the back was easily 2" longer than the other - I know because I measured how off the waist seam was at the zipper. I'm very frustrated because I have a wonderful piece with a lovely border print that I want to sew up - but I'd like it to work and be wearable. By the way - who's your favorite vendor with the sale? g

    1. Ok...new blog post topic today ;-) And SOMEBODY is celebrating a business (initials GF?) birthday this month with sales that I have not been able to resist in the past....

      But I'm finding that I just don't have much 'appetite' for new fabric right now, probably because I haven't sewn anything to speak of since September last year. Frustrating.

      I have a project on the home stretch though...maybe I'll have something to report before long.