Sunday, February 03, 2013

Choir Wardrobe 02 03 13

New month -- new color scheme.  This month, we're going, white, and gray.  I have a black and white plaid that I'm really jonesing to make a jacket from, but...that time thing...I don't know if it will get done.  Although the pattern is laid out for tracing.  I'm telling myself I *really* need a TNT jacket pattern, and this one looks very promising...I just need to DO IT.


Today I pulled from the closet.   RTW black silk blend sleeveless shell top and  gray cotton scarf,  some straight Lee jeans and my Vogue 8305 black rayon knit cardigan.

One more compliment on the cardi today made me decide to use that pattern on my gray knit that's waiting to be a cardigan; I'd planned another but if I can get those long points and a shell top on the 3ish yards I've got, I'm gonna go with this one....

If I can manage to get to the sewing room before the school musical costuming frenzy hits, that is.


  1. I love a black/white/grey combo, it is always so flattering...J

  2. That's a great outfit. Think I like about the long pointed cardigans - will be easy enough to make a level hem when it goes out of style. I love the scarf. And your hair looks wonderful in this photo.

    I want to thank you for dropping by and spending the time to answer the questions. For me - Captcha bites. I hate it, can rarely tell what the words are and the numbers? Forgetaboutit!! So I do comment moderation instead. g

    1. Thanks, Gaylen! I started off with the captcha, then added comment moderation when I got some comments that I didn't want on the blog...finally decided I could maybe get by with just moderation and turned off the captcha. But I am getting more spam comments to moderate; so sad that folks do that.

      I expect my long-pointy cardigans (once I make another one so I can use the plural!) to be pretty well worn to shreds when they go out of style; I've been surprised by how long they've been around already. So who knows if I'll have enough of one left to bother with straightening the bottom... ;-) Thanks for stopping by!