Saturday, February 16, 2013

An Alterations kinda week

No photos today, unfortunately.

I did get the Mousetrap garments that came home with me altered up and delivered this morning - a jacket, a vest and about 4 pairs of pants, 3 of which needed girth alterations and two of which needed hems.

Costuming for The Wiz is supposed to begin next week; our costume mistress is currently tied up with another production.  So I have a *little* breathing room.

And, after a long absence, the sewing urge is upon me again.  I don't know where it went, or why, but suddenly I am full of the desire to clean out my sewing nook (which is probably about a 30 hour job by itself) and SEW for my wardrobe.

If I had an 10-day week, maybe I could get to it...

Meantime, since the last item through the alterations queue used khaki thread, I finished up the alterations on my McCall's 5860 jacket.  The last time I wore it, which was solely  because it was the right color for choir, I looked it over and realized that it was never going to be a useful  part of the wardrobe unless I did something about the floppiness of the lower front.

So, during our 'Christmas Movie Night' back in December, I unpicked all the topstitching on the side front seams from about an inch and a half below the pocket all the way down, and I took out the hem for most of the front on both sides.

Then I hung it up, waiting for the  anointing to sew it back up.

Thanks to the thread in the machine, it hit this morning.  I took 4" out of the lower front, basically in darts along the side front seams, trimmed/serged them down and re-topstitched everything.  It looks altered to my eye, since the center front panel gets narrower as it goes toward the hem, but altered is better than baggy and floppy.  I will alter up the side front panel before I make the jacket again.  I guess it's a good thing this isn't fabric that I loved passionately...but at least I won't feel so incredibly frumpy in it now.

Woot.  Something out of the queue... ;-)


  1. I'm planning to post one; no time for photography today... ;-)