Friday, January 04, 2013

2012 Stats

So, are the plain, unaltered stats:

Fabric In: 97.875 yds
Fabric Out: 37.375 yds
Last fabric purchase: 11/29/12
Garments made for me: 17
Garments made for other family members: 4
Home Dec Items: 1
Wadders, er, Unintentional muslins: 1
"Donations" : - 0
Muslins: - 1
Miscellaneous Church sewing:
10 metallic mesh knit 'Chain mail' hoods
2 Blousey laced-front linen shirts
Team effort: Um, 10? Bias-bound tabbards

I did a bit of volunteer sewing, so I guess that adds up to more than the  fabric out total shows, but still...that's sad.

So, basically, I am putting myself on a fabric buying freeze for a while.  There's no sense in buying more to put in bins; the bins are full. 

Unless, of course, I manage to crank out some garments and make some room.  Then...well, we'll see...

But I've already got 3 yards in for this year.  I won three yards of a lovely light grey wool crepe from the lovely, talented and very generous Rhonda Buss  .  Actually, I'm fudging just a bit, because the package actually arrived late in the day on Dec. 31st.  I just didn't let myself open it until the first, so it is on this year's tally instead of last year's.

I know, I know...pitiful, right?  But I did maintain 'under 100 yards in' last year.  Barely.  By fudging just a wee.

Anyway, My Dear Darling Sweet Baboo gave me a sewing gift for Christmas:  a copy of Elizabeth Allemong's European Cut manual.  I've skimmed through it  Even if I never take all 38 measurements and do the graphing-style pattern draft, it has already opened my eyes to some fitting tweaks...and I love that the illustrations for the measuring instructions use a figure that is not a size 00. I'd really like to draft slopers from the instructions but...yeah, that time thing.

Oh, my manual is even autographed,  and came with a letter of encouragement.  I really hope I get to work on it.

Off to bring the sidebars up to date...Happy New Year, everyone! 


  1. Fudging the numbers is all part of the game! Would love to have a peek at your stash as it must be full of beautiful fabric. This might be the year to sew, sew, buy, sew...

    1. Thanks, Judith! I *do* hope to do a lot of 'sew sew sew' and, maybe just a teeny bit of 'buy'... maybe...

  2. A couple of years ago I drafted the Allemong sloper and was pleased with the outcome. It works, it takes time and maybe help with measuring, but it was worth it for me. Of course you'll be sewing more this year, your stash is calling :)

  3. Oh, you can hear it all the way up there? ;-) It's a siren song down here...