Monday, December 03, 2012

Work Wear - Post 1

In an effort to analyze what does and doesn't work in the wardrobe, I decided to take some photos of stuff I'm wearing to work...sorta like the Choir Wardrobe posts, only without the limitations.  I don't know how often I'll actually get to post to might be in spurts...but since The Actor was up and about when I was ready to go to work I enlisted his photographic assistance (I guess I'm gonna hafta find our tripod...)

Anyway.  One of my personal rules for what I wear to work is that I try very hard not to wear something that is the month's choir colors, so that means red is out for December.  But I wanted to look a little festive, as it is the first of the holiday month and all, so I pulled out this green Neue Mode jacket, which I teamed up w/ a cream RTW shell sweater and some black straight-leg Lee jeans.

The jacket has gotten a little snug since I made it.  It does button w/o looking Perfectly Awful, but if I make this pattern again I will need to do some altering.  The sleeves really are a bit too short; that's unusual for me.  I don't remember if I shortened the sleeves or not; need to go back and check my notes.  I do know that the blouse from the same pattern had sleeves that were way too long, so I must've shortened the jacket sleeves.

In terms of styling, I've got on a sparkly green necklace that fills in the neckline nicely but leaves a big expanse of white.  I threw a long necklace on just to see how the lines worked; it broke up the white but didn't work w/the jacket lines...and the neckline looked bare. A scarf might've been a good choice, but I don't think I've got one the right color.  The straight legs on the jeans are not bad, but these are 'Regular' length rather than 'Short', so I have to wear a shoe w/some heel or they drag the ground.  Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't...depends on the state of my back.   

Overall, I think a longer jacket would work better; at the very least the sleeves should not end at the jacket hemline (a detail I hadn't noticed until I looked at this photo...).

The jacket itself is made from a very attractive fabric and usually gets compliments.  I think it's going into the 'keep until replaced' category. 

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