Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Work Wear 3 - so soon!

Hey, the tripod was still set up and I had a couple of minutes to make sure I remembered what My Sweet Baboo told me so I took some pics of today's Work Wear.  And just because I can, I'm gonna put up more than one.

The picture on the left is the best one of the cardigan, Vogue 8305.  That has been a real surprise...it's one of the few garments that is flattering in virtually every choir wardrobe photo it appears in. I really wasn't crazy about it for a long time, but once I looked at the photos I realized this is something that I am going to wear until it falls apart...and then I'll make another one.

The second photo was the only one I got that shows the little hem slit in the pants.  Another wardrobe surprise; I made these years ago from Burda 3116, after altering it up a bunch.  While they were very comfortable, there was something odd about the way the front fit, so I would only wear it under long tops and they eventually worked their way into the back of the closet and out of the rotation.  But after the Big Hormonal Shift extra poundage, I pulled them out and was surprised that they still zipped and buttoned fit reasonably well yet.  They are wool/lycra and rather spongy, sort of like moleskin.  Great winter pants...so long as I wear a long top. ;-)

The third picture is the best one of the top, the ubiquitous Burda boat neck from the Feb. 09 issue.  I really did use fusible tape on the neckline, but the rayon/lycra jersey really did stretch out just the same.  Next time I'll use clear elastic. ;-).  This print was absolutely fabulous when it was new, but it has faded a bit and stretched out.  I really, really like the colors but I'm not sure how much longer it's going to be a viable part of the wardrobe...

I thought about wearing an outfit that included a scarf...then I remembered that we were celebrating a birthday at work and there were rumors of a chocolate fountain being part of the gnoshing and, well, me being me I decided a scarf would NOT be a wise wardrobe choice today.  This worked well, even if the heat was turned up and I ended up shedding the cardigan for a bit in the afternoon...

This self-photography stuff is...interesting...

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