Sunday, December 16, 2012

Choir Wardrobe 12/16/12

Finally, I get to sing in choir again!  One of two times this month...busy, busy, busy... But this is old reruns, I'm afraid...still haven't had the least chance to sit down at my sewing machine.  

Colors for the month are red, black and gray, so I've got on  Lee bootcuts w/ my 2006 rendition of Silhouette Pattern's Robin's Jacket teamed up with my black rayon/lycra Jalie 965 tank, as it was something like 60 degrees outside, even if it was raining, and I didn't want to roast.

Alas, the jacket needs a FBA it did not need in 2006 and I don't care for the way it looks all snapped up.  But unsnapped, it still looks great and gets compliments.  Definitely one of my more successful projects!

We had a birthday dinner today for the Princess, whose actual birthday is tomorrow but, you know, once kids have a spouse they'd rather spend the special day with the boo than with mom and dad, so we did her dinner and festivities today.  Which means I got to spend 3 hours this evening in Middle Earth... but also means I'm so sleepy right now my ears are buzzing... ;-)


  1. Yay, Middle Earth!!! I did something I almost never do and went to the opening at midnight with two of my kids and an extra kid. Got out well after 3 am and had to be at work in the morning.
    Great job on the Robin Jacket, I have one partially finished, need to step up my game.

  2. I actually prefer jackets unbuttoned, and less restrictive. This jacket looks super on you, and love the black trim. Enjoy Middle Earth...J