Sunday, December 02, 2012

Two more weeks....

Still no singing voice this week, although I did make it to church.  Next week I have meetings during both the services I normally sing in, so I won't be in choir then, either.  Hopefully by the 16th I'll have my voice back. 

There is going to be a definite scarcity of choir wardrobe posts this month.

Actually, as I've mentioned,  I've been doing some studying of old choir wardrobe posts and decided  I really need to do some more wardrobe photography; I wear me-made clothes to work probably 80% of the time but I don't have any photos of non-choir-color-coordinated dressing.  Makes it kinda hard to really see what works from my wardrobe as about all I have photographed is tops/jackets with jeans.

But that would mean that I need to figure out a way to take a photo of myself somewhere other than the bathroom mirror, which kinda works for tops and jackets but certainly not for an entire outfit.  By the time I actually get dressed and ready to go out the door, most of the rest of the family has already flown the coop for the day.  Requirements are:

Full length mirror

Good natural light, 'cause the flash causes problems

A place that does not reflect the unkempt state of the house. ;-)

I'm gonna work on that...


  1. Or a tripod to use with the self-timer .... :-)

    1. Oh. Yeah...we do have one of those someplace... hmmmm..... ;-)