Thursday, June 14, 2012

Twin Shirts

...which are actually for twins, believe it or not.  They're from Butterick 4486, made from a piece of linen that I ordered from Michael for a song several years ago for some costuming and then decided it was a bit too lightweight for what I needed.  I meant to turn it into costume shirts for The Actor and The Flute Player, but, well, these shirts needed to be finished by tomorrow so I had to use what I had.
I left work early yesterday and stayed home from work today; I had to teach my class at church tonight so I actually finished 'em at 12:15 AM; thank the good Lord for a part-time job with very flexible hours 'cause I might be a bit late going in tomorrow as well...

Hopefully My Sweet Baboo will get a picture of the shirts on the boys;  I'll tell you the story when I post that...right now, I'm headed for a date with the sand man...

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