Thursday, June 07, 2012

Staccato Night: Fabric In

After a rocky start, my fabric purchasing for the year leveled off.

I was actually feeling a little proud of myself.

Then along came, Fabric Mart...with a dollar a yard special.

On interfacing.

I've bought that from them before.

It's the good stuff.

They also had some creamy poly-rayon-lycra gab on sale for a dollar a yard.

That's cheaper than muslin.

Caroline's ten yard project has inspired me.

And FM is giving everyone a '20% off entire purchase'  coupon to use to celebrate the opening of the new website.

You can see where this is going, can't you?

So much for smug self satisfaction.

Not counting the interfacing, but counting the free bundle that I qualified for, I now have something like 22.5 yards of fabric heading my way.

That will nearly double my 'fabric in' for the year.

I guess that means I need to double my sewing time.

Ha ha and ha.

On that note, I have cut out everything but the interfacing for the khaki jacket.

That's now in the queue. But it will wait a bit.

I have some charitable sewing that must be done in the next 5 days.

Two 'pirate shirts'.

Or 'Frontier' shirts.

Or 'colonial' shirts.

Take your pick.  Full cut laced front linen shirts.

I'll 'splain about them later.

That deadline has totally snuck up on me.

Did I mention that we are having out of town guests this weekend?

Or that My Sweet Babboo and I fell victim to the Nasty Digestive thing going around early in the week?

So, like, everything is behind?

But those shirts will far as I know at the moment...the LAST of the charitable sewing for the summer.

Then I can get to the stash busting.

That should be about the time that Fabric Mart order gets here.

Since they Fed Ex it to Atlanta and then mail it from there.

But for 8 bucks shipping for 22.5 yards of fabric I shouldn't complain.

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