Sunday, June 17, 2012

Choir Wardrobe 0617

Well, needless to say I got nothing at all done on the khaki jacket last week and I found myself in need of a top layer again.  So I pulled out the sweater that I vetoed last week, hunted everywhere I could think to look for a possible spare button and, finding none, I cut off all the other buttons.  To be honest, they were really ugly buttons and no one will be able to tell from anywhere anyway.  It really was not a smart purchase, as it's never hung right and the shoulders fall off and annoy the stew outta me, but I got it from Kohl's when I was desperate for some kind of tan topper, and I pretty much only wear it when I have no other options.  As soon as I get a replacement made for it, it's going in the donate bag.  Enough already.

Is it sad that I'm starting to think like a costumer regarding my choir outfits?  The rayon/lycra Jalie 2682 top is pulling out at the bottom of the V, too...only you have to look REALLY close to see that.  Still, its days are numbered.  This is the second 2682 to tear like that on me.  Hm.Maybe I should start reinforcing that area just a tad.

But, I threw the deteriorating orange top and the buttonless aggravating sweater on with Lee bootcuts and a purple cotton scarf from Coldwater, and, well, it worked.  More or less, anyway.

The sewing deck is cleared.  On to the khaki jacket. ;-)

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