Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Box Arrived

...and it was a pretty big box, too...containing 22 yards of fabric, plus a couple of chunks of interfacing.  'Course, six yards of it was in a free bundle...anyway, first the yardage I ordered:
The star of the whole box is that coral linen; it's actually a deep rose pink cross woven with orange.  Gorgeous.  Next up is some stretch broadcloth; it is actually a little lighter than I had anticipated, not sure now what I will do with it. I wanted a smart little black and white dress, but, well, I think it's too thin for that. Gonna hafta study on it a while.  The black and white solids are both poly-rayon-lycra gabardine; it feels very nice but the white is a trifle on the translucent side.  I'd thought of making a dress or skirt, but it'll need to be lined.  But, hey, it was a dollar a yard, so I can use it for muslin and toss it and not be out anything, really.  The black will definitely be pants...nice pants...

The freebies...well, sometimes you hit it and sometimes you don't...

I have a powder blue poly micro-crepe that drapes beautifully, but is a color that really doesn't do much for me.  It might look good on The Flute Player, though, and she needs a dress to wear to her cousin's wedding in a couple months.  This might do it.  The white in the middle actually has black crossweave pinstripes; it's a crinkly chiffon.  It's sheer.  It'll either be a floaty overblouse or a scarf for me and a couple more to give away. The black is a dog.  It's poly crepe-back satin that feels yucky and has some damage from tape.  I may not even use it for muslin...

However, I was surprised to get it this quickly.  It came Fed Ex all the way.  For $8.  I won't complain about the icky fabric. ;-)

On the Charitable Sewing Front, I came home from work early today and went to work on the linen shirts.  I cut them out yesterday and got them about 2/3 done today.  I reckon I'll have to come home early again tomorrow...or maybe I'll just go in late...they MUST be done by noon on Thursday.

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