Sunday, August 14, 2011

Choir Wardrobe 8/14/11

This month's colors are navy blue, mustard yellow and white. I think the blues in my tops were more 'marine blue' than 'navy', but since everyone's eye is different we have a range of shades of blue, so pretty much any darkish blue is working.

Same with the yellows...we had some dijon yellow (which is really the color), some French's yellow, and some just plain light yellows. So close is good.

Saturday night, I felt like doing some thing different and I pulled out an ancient top...does anyone remember when Emma OneSock was selling 'buttermilk' knits hand over fist? I bought some...a lace-and-denim print, and made a skirt and top set.

I don't know what happened to the skirt. It has been missing for a long time. I may have donated it because it was too tight...I don't remember. But the top, a variation of one of my old TNTs, Vogue 7799, is still going strong in the wardrobe.

I'm wearing it with another longtime closet resident, a navy blue poly tricotine Evan Picone jacket purchased sometime years ago from JC Penny. The sleeves were too long, and I tried to shorten them (being shocked at the untidiness of the inside of the jacket), but somehow I got them whopperjawed and the hems don't want to hang nicely. So it doesn't come out and play often.

The jeans are regular denim bootcuts from Coldwater Creek.

The tank top in today's picture looks more teal than blue on my monitor, but the color is something Lands' End called 'bright navy' when I ordered about 3 of these deep scoop tanks from the clearance pages. I've got on my original mystery knit Jalie 965 tank under it, for both color and coverage, and the white Vogue 8045 jacket...with some French's yellow plastic beads and the knit CWC bootcut jeans (which are holding up to weekly wearing and washing very nicely...)

On the Wedding prep, I finally ordered some silk organza to underline my MOB dress today. I hemmed and hawed and finally decided that the rayon jacquard would wrinkle less and hang better with a little support. So it's on its way. Soon I'll be sewing it...


  1. Some of my favourite clothes are from last century! What does whopperjawed mean -is this a sewing term I have completely missed or is this American talk ??
    Have you shown your MOB dress pattern etc on your blog or will this be a surprise. Good luck with your sewing and the wedding.

  2. LOL...'Whopperjawed' is an American colloquialism meaning skewed, crooked or uneven. I'm not sure how much of the country uses that, but it was common in central Indiana, where I grew up.
    Currently my choice for the MOB dress is Vogue 1182, one of Kay Unger's designs.

    Unless I panic and opt for a simpler dress at the last minute. ;_

  3. Rats. That's supposed to be a smiley at the end...;-).

    My fingers got tangled.

  4. Thanks Lisa - even though we both speak English there are alot of variations. The Vogue pattern looks beautiful.