Monday, May 30, 2011

Nothin' like a sale...

It seems a little frivolous to post sale acquisitions on a day dedicated to the remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom that we enjoy today, so I'll post this disclaimer that, even as I was shopping, I did hold gratitude for those who serve our country in the military and their families who sacrifice so much so they may. God bless you all.

But...Memorial Day sales are a fact of life, and I'd not be honest if I said I wasn't glad to be able to take advantage of them...even if it was only a trip to Hancock's with a pattern list in hand.

I picked up two pieces of decorator fabric for tablecloths...I've discovered that they pre-treat that stuff w/stain resistance, so it's PERFECT fabric for tablecloths! And it was under $3 /yard; I didn't take pictures of the fabric but I'll post pictures when I get the edges serged and they're turned into tablecloths. ;)

And I picked up a few patterns... once again, I'm not linking, because the burgers are coming off the grill momentarily and I've got to get back to fixing dinner...

I've always got my eyes open for likely costume pieces when the patterns are a buck apiece...they may not get used, or I may use only a detail, but at some point I'll be glad I picked them up.

Oh...there's the oven timer! Baked beans are done...have a wonderful Memorial Day, everyone! ;-)

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